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The Sunny Side Publication

Previous version of, hosted in Medium.

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Creates this website to combine all of my project's User Manual and Documentations in a single website.

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Approval Workflow on Google Apps Script

Creating Approval Workflow for International Management Service Thailand (IMST) using Google Apps Script

  • Highly customizable and easy to adapt to other departments which require different Workflow strategies.
  • Create a User Manual and Documentation for the user and maintainer of this Workflow.
  • The workflow script is being used in IT Department, Requisition Department, and IT Procurement Team (as by the duration of the Studies).
  • The script can be automatically triggered and send emails with Google Forms to according Approver.
  • Creates scripts by JS-flavored script in Google Apps Script.

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Essilor Asia Supplier Deduplication Report

Develops Oracle SQL and PL/SQL script for Asia and Europe Data Management Team, that will generate Duplicate Report in Supplier Database for them to deduplicate in Production-level Oracle ERP.

  • Essilor Asia data contains Supplier data from 6 different countries across Asia where Essilor has been located.
  • Essilor Europe data contains Supplier data from 6 different countries across East Europe where Essilor has been located.
  • Also includes similarity scoring and normalization of the Business Entity data.
  • Creates script and report by using Oracle SQL and Oracle ERP.

Data Analytics on Body Fat

Multi regression on relationships between body fat and multiple body part size. Using IBM SPSS Statistics as a tool to create statistical models and data processing.

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Lecture sharing System (Oh Sheet!)

Lecture sharing system (Project Oh-sheet) to make sharing your cheatsheet easy. The key to the project is to make a system that is easy to find lectures and easy to share.

Using Vue, Parse, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Digital Ocean Spaces as a development stack and agile-based working environment with YouTrack.

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Online Space Reservation System

Room reserving-based Forms for the building administrators to manage and approve the requests. Dealing with requirement gathering with real users and customers. Using PostgreSQL, Scala, GraphQL, NodeJS as a development stack

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Thai resteraunt analysis

Trying to find the cause of lots of Thai resteraunt in United States.

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Trash Melody

Fast-paced OSU! inspired game, created with Java. This game is created for educating players about trash categorization and having fun with the game.

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Point of Sales (POS) System

Point-of-sale (POS) System built with full functionality, including analytics, stock management, profit management, sales forecasting (using the Linear Regression as the model), customer membership card, customer loyalty history, supports of coupons, supports of loyalty point redemption, and many much more. Easy to use with simple keyboard input and supports of barcode scanner as an input.

Made with pure C language. The database is kept inside CSV format.

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University cheatsheet archive, now made for knowledge repository.

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